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My tiles are moving – Do I need a re-roof?

If your tiles appear to be moving at the bottom of your rooftop, you may be panicking about having to spend a lot of money for a re-roof, however its likely the issue can be resolved relatively quickly and easily without the need for a re-roof.

What could be causing my roof tiles to move?

If your tiles are moving, its likely being caused by rotten battens under the tiles. This happens when the wind blows the rainwater under the roof tiles, causing the battens in the bottom metre of the roof to get damp and over time rot including the nails which fix them.

As the battens begin to rot away, any interlocking low pitch tiles such as Marley Anglia tiles can begin to move and dislodge from one another exposing gaps which if not repaired will in time cause substantial leaks.

You will know if this is happening, as the movement of the tiles will become very visible (example below)

What can be done to fix moving tiles?

The good news is, as its likely the damp has only affected the bottom one metre of your roof, there should be no need for a re-roof! However the bad news is that the battens on the bottom one meter of your roof will need to be replaced, and the tiles re-fitted or replaced. Whilst on the job, the addition of eave support trays will also help excess water run into the guttering efficiently. A very quick and simple fix if you get a professional to do the job.

Send in the professionals!

If your tiles seem to be moving and would like to have them fixed back into place, its always best to have the work done by a professional.

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