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Why is my roof making noises?

It is very common to hear creaking sounds from your attic and assume the worst. You might be concerned your roof is going to suddenly collapse or that there is a ghost or a trapped animal in your attic.

Lucky it is unlikely to be any of these worse case scenarios, and actually the result of simple environmental factors affecting your roof, with little to no damage.

This blog aims to put your mind at ease when you hear a bump in the night, and explore how and why our roofs make strange noises.

What is causing my roof to creak?

Ever noticed when a wood floor is lay, its always a big gap around the edges? This is because wood moves with a slight change of temperature.

Every good carpenter knows that it is important to give wood plenty of room to move when building furniture, doors and even building structures. This is similarly the case for the timbers which have been used in your roof.

As the day goes, a roof will heat up in the morning sun, and cool down in the evening when the sun sets. The timbers which have been used in the structure of your roof will then respond to the changes in air temperature causing them to expand or contract causing strange sounds from your roof.

How can I prevent my roof from creaking?

Although a change in air temperature it won’t necessarily damage your roof, if the noise is becoming annoying you can opt to have a ventilation system installed to reduce the creaking by trying level out the air temperature in your attic space, which will in turn prevent the timbers from contracting as much.

Increasing the ventilation in your roof can also have additional benefits such as reducing the amount your roof sweats in the winter when the heating is back on, as well as helping to keep your home cooler in the summer months.

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