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Can my roof be repaired in the rain?

Now the weather seems to be turning, and the rain never seems to end, you may wonder how contracted roofer ever gets a day’s work done if it wasn’t possible to do roofing repairs in the rain.

Fortunately, it is possible to work on a roof, even if it is raining, with the exception of a flat roof repairs.

Safety and keeping the contents of a homeowners house dry should always be the primary concern for any roofer, therefore an element of best judgement when assessing the weather conditions prior to carrying out a job should be taken. However most roofers prefer working under cooler conditions as oppose to hot, sunny conditions, particularly when working during the summer months.

The benefits of working in the rain

There are actually benefits to roofers working in the rain, including:

Assessing water drainage – By working in the rain, roofers are able to correctly assess how the water is draining from a roof, and quickly work out the root cause of any leaks without any unnecessary repairs to other areas of the roof that are not affected. This may include checking if the gutters are draining correctly or if there is a blockage that could easily be removed.

Keeping cool – Working on a roof can quite warm, particularly when in direct sunlight and in layers of clothing required for correct PPE. Cooler days and rain can be a blessing for any roofer, provided that it is safe.

How can a roofer work on a roof in the rain?

The key to any roofer that needs to work in the rain is to assess and repair the roof in small sections.

This can be done either through repairing section by section, or if doing a complete re-roof, using a tarpaulin to reduce any exposure to the rain in the areas still yet to be worked on.

Working on a roof in small sections allows for the areas to be re-tiled/slated before moving onto the next section. It’s difficult to predict how the weather can change day by day, so by ensuring a roof is done in sections, the risk to the roof being exposed to the elements is reduced.

Is there a risk of slipping?

As with any job in the rain, there is always a risk of slipping. All good roofers understand to carry out a risk assessment prior to working on a job to assess the level of risk of slipping. If the risk is high, no work should be carried how, however if the risk is low both on the roof itself as well as the scaffolding around, work should be fine to continue.

Correct PPE should always also be used by a contracted roofer to ensure they are protected and seen.

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